Ashwin's Babbles


I'm a lazy (which probably explains why I didn't build my own website) security engineer (which I'm not as good at as I would want to be). I'm an aviation enthusiast wanting to fly solo someday ('Learning to fly!', Oh! That reminds me. I'm a big Pink Floyd fan). I love technology and would love to contribute something real someday (But again, remember? I'm lazy). I love tennis (VamosRafa!) and I really wish I can witness Rafael Nadal win at Roland Garros someday. I also like to think that I like football (real football!), although I don't follow the sport as much as avid football fans expect me to be (But for some reason, I love Borussia Dortmund). And I love being in the illusion that I'm a photographer (You can gift me a Leica M9 someday. Philosophy is my 'sole purpose of life' (But that can wait. I need to push this code by tonight). Most of the times I'm dumb, but sometimes I'm dumber than the second coat of paint (I nicked that one from good old Georgy. Gotta love that guy!). Pizzas are my favorite food (Hungry Howies forever!). Like everyone, I like Calvin and Hobbes. With movies, I'd watch anything with Al Pacino/Johnny Depp any day (What a movie Donnie Brasco was!). I used to blog in the past (a passion that has faded away with time) but I stopped (May be I was too busy being lazy). Well, this is yet another attempt to rekindle that passion. Let's see if this blog gets me anywhere. Thanks for stopping by. See you around.